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 How To Use Rune Codex Book

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How To Use Rune Codex Book Empty
PostSubject: How To Use Rune Codex Book   How To Use Rune Codex Book EmptyMon Jan 04, 2021 7:31 pm

Rune Codex Guide
The Rune Codex is available from the Gold Vendor Stone for 500,000. This book functions similarly to the Master Runebook, in the fact that it will hold up to 100 of your runebooks and their runes inside, allowing you to carry just one book, and clean up your pack in the process. The following is a step-by-step guide to using the Codex, and an introduction to some of it’s features.

An important note to remember: The “Remove” option inside the Codex will DESTROY whatever you choose to “Remove”. It will NOT physically take a rune or book out of the Codex and give it to you. ONLY USE THE “Remove” FUNCTION IF YOU NO LONGER WANT A RUNE OR BOOK.

Codex Navigation
Arranged around the window of the Codex are several buttons and arrows to help navigate through it’s functions. The first place to look, after opening your Codex, is in the top-right corner. You should see three buttons and an arrow, like this:

The Blue button is the Edit button. It will allow you to Edit the names of runes and rune books you add to the Codex.

The Green button is the Help button. Pressing it will display, in the left side of the window, a brief summary of what can be done in the Codex.

The Red button will minimize the Codex, leaving only the top toolbar visible. This toolbar can be placed anywhere on your desktop, or you can close it using right-click. Clicking the Red button again will maximize the Codex, so you can continue using it.

The Red arrow (far right) functions as the “back” button when navigating through your rune books.

At the bottom-right corner of the window, you will see a green arrow:

This Green arrow functions as the “forward” button when navigating through your rune books.

The Basic Codex
When purchased from the Gold Stone, the Rune Codex contains a single book entry named Misc Places, which you can edit. You are able to add up to 99 more books, depending on your needs. It also comes complete with 1000 charges.

Filling Your Codex
Your first step will be deciding what categories you need in your Codex. If you have two separate runebooks for hunting locations, for example, you could simply make one book inside the codex to hold all of the runes, so you would just add one book.

To add a book to the Codex, click an Add button in the field on the right then target book to add.

After adding the new book, rename it by pressing the blue button at the top-right corner of the Codex screen.

When you are done naming and describing your book, press the blue button again to exit Edit mode.

Next, we need to put runes into the book. First, click the book you want to add a rune to, then press the green arrow in the bottom-right corner (forward arrow). This will open the selected book, and show you it’s contents. Your book will be empty, but we will fix that quickly.

Once your book is open, and you see a screen with a bunch of Add buttons, click the first one in the top left corner.

Now, simply target a marked rune in your pack, and it will enter the Rune Codex. Don’t worry when you see the rune renamed “Unknown Location” inside your Codex, we’ll fix that in a moment!)

Note: adding a rune to the Codex destroys the rune itself. You can make runes from the Codex, and I’ll explain that later.

A second way to enter runes into the Codex is to Press an Add button, as above, and then target a runebook. This will import all of the runes inside that runebook at the same time. Note: This process will destroy the runebook and the runes inside of it, just like adding a single rune!

A third way to add runes to your Codex is to drag-and-drop runes or runebooks directly onto the Codex in your pack. Any runes or runebooks added this way will be placed into the last book you selected inside the Codex, or into the Misc Places book (first slot, top left corner), by default, if you’ve not selected a book. Note: As always, adding runes or runebooks in any manner will destroy the actual rune or runebook.

At this point, you will probably freak out, realizing all of your runes have been renamed “Unknown Location”. However, it is easily remedied using the blue Edit button at the top right corner of the Codex again.

The name you had previously given your rune outside of the Codex will be in the Description area of the Rune Codex, so just re-type it in the Name position, and give your rune a different description, if you like.

When you are done editing the names of your runes, don’t forget to press the blue button again (remember: top right corner of the Codex).

At this point, you will have several runes inside a book inside your Codex. You may now start using your Codex to get around Sosaria, or you can continue adding books and runes. When you are ready to travel, though, simply open a book (select it, then press the green arrow at the bottom right corner), select a rune, and press the Recall (1 charge) or Gate (2 charges) found on the left side of the Codex window. You can also make a rune for 5 charges as you can see at the bottom of the list. You can also just dbl click the rune you want to travel to.

Rune Codex Charges
The Rune Codex starts with 1000 charges. While this may seem like a lot of uses, they will go quickly if you do a lot of hunting or make runebooks for new players or a library. What happens when the runebook runs out of charges? Simply charge it up again! Dropping a stack of gold onto the runebook will recharge it at a rate of 100 gp per 1 charge.

Manual Targeting of the Rune Codex
Another handy feature of the Codex is the “last rune” recall feature. At any time, you can cast Recall or Gate (may work with Chivalry travel as well) and target the actual Rune Codex. This will transport you to the last rune location you selected inside the book. This is particularly helpful if you find yourself in a bad situation and need to get room to breathe, without fumbling through your Codex to find the right spot to recall to.

Written by Silas

Edited by Tys and now Terrapin Hound

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How To Use Rune Codex Book
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