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 Storage Keys List and what for's!

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Storage Keys List and what for's! Empty
PostSubject: Storage Keys List and what for's!   Storage Keys List and what for's! EmptySat Jan 02, 2021 6:30 pm

I didn't know what all the Keys were used for - so thought I would post what I found here for anyone else interested...

EVO Storage Key - Basic Starter Key - Bookworm Quest - Haunted Hallows
Add on Deed Storage – Holds house add-on deeds (e.g. Forge and Anvil) – No known current location.
Ultimate BOD Book – Holds and organizes all 6 types of BOD – Britian Blacksmith ED Stone, Resource Vendor Britain Blacksmith, Resource Vendor Britain Tailor
Beverage Storage – Holds Water, Wine, Milk, and other non-potion liquids – No known current location.
Gem Storage – Holds small gems – No known current location.
Chef Storage – Holds Flour, Wheat, Eggs, and other non-meat items used in Cooking – No known current location.
Gardener's Trowel – Holds Seeds (Also Identifies them while contained) gardening potions, plant bowls, water and fertile dirt. – Britian Gardener’s Vendor ED Stone
Champion Skull Holder – Holds skulls obtained from completing Champ Spawns (or town invasions) in Felucca – A Champion's Sting Quest
Stone Storage – Holds High Quality Granite of all colors from Mining – Resource Vendor in Stonemason’s Shop in Britain (1000 Granite-type may vary), ED Stone Stonemason’s Shop in Britain.
Adventurer's Boots – Holds Bandages, Zoogi Fungus, Powder of Translocation, Bola Balls and other random Mob Drop items – Exploring Passages Quest, Britian Provisioner ED Stone
Fish Bucket – Holds whole raw fish obtained while Fishing – No known current location.
Bard's Stand – Holds instruments, and can be used to combine exceptionally crafted instruments into a single item with large numbers of uses – Bard’s ED Vendor Stone in Britain.
Ingot Key – Holds ingots of all colors and can convert to and from Commodity Deeds – Unity Quest, ┬áBritian Blacksmith ED Stone
Power Scroll Book – Holds Powerscrolls and Stat Scrolls obtained from Champ Spawns in Felucca – A Champion's Sting Quest
Potion Storage – Holds Potion Kegs, Empty Bottles, and all potions. – Mage’s Vendor ED Stone in Britain
Reagent Keys – Holds all reagents, empty bottles, potion kegs, daemon bones and more! – Silly Apprentice Quest, Mage’s Vendor ED Stone in Britain.
Runic Tool Box – Holds runic crafting tools obtained through BODs or from Elementals – Britian Blacksmith ED Stone, Resource Vendor Britain Blacksmith
Scribe's Tome – Holds Blank Runes, Blank Scrolls, and Magery and Necro spell scrolls – No known current location.
Butcher's Hook – Holds raw and cooked meat items – No known current location.
Treasure Hunter's Storage – Holds T-maps, lockpicks, SOSs, Ancient Fishing Nets and Shovels – Pirate Plunder Quest, Britian Provisioner ED Stone
Wood Storage – Holds all colors of boards, arrows and bolts, automatically converts logs into boards when added. – The Tree Whisperer Quest, Woodworker’s ED Stone in Yew.
Tailor Storage – Holds cloth, leather, bones and other tailoring items. – A Stitch in Time Quest, Britian Tailor Shop ED Stone
Tool Box – Holds and combines crafting tools (including Gargoyle tools). – Rebuilding Magincia Quest, Britian Tinker Shop ED Stone
ASH Box – Holds Ancient Smith Hammers (blacksmithing only) obtained from BODs. – No known current location.
Smith's Storage – Holds Smithing tools, POF, Ancient Smith Hammers, Repair Deeds, and other Smithing related items. – Britian Blacksmith ED Stone, Resource Vendor Britain Blacksmith
Jeweler’s Key – Holds small and large gems – No known current location
Goldpan Storage – Holds Goldpans and Nuggets. – No known current location
Three-Fingered Jack’s Goldpan Storage – Holds Goldpans, Nuggets and Large Gems – Event Only Item
Socket Key -- Holds all non-event augments – No known current location
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Storage Keys List and what for's!
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