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A Ultima Online Free dedicated server!!Experienced Staff.Alot of the new custom things and We are adding more everyday!Come Join In On The Fun!
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 Update 2/6/20

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Candy Apple
Candy Apple

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Update 2/6/20 Empty
PostSubject: Update 2/6/20   Update 2/6/20 EmptyFri Feb 07, 2020 12:11 am

Hello there ya'll FYI here. Smile I added in more things for us to do and use I will list them below.

1. You can now withdraw 100k gold pile from the bank, however you will a small gold coin in your bag, be sure to pick it up and then the other half of your gold will show in your bag. No worries Gold and Tokens weight 0.
2. Three [kp Evo mounts have been added in. Breed VIA NPC Points.
3. The Evo tree and dragon can now produce Eggs. Double Click the female target the male and in three days double click her again for the egg.
4. Harvest Gardens are now in. You can read the book on the vendor stone for more info. On the moongate under fun stuff you will see Harvest Gardens. Enjoy.
5. Dung and Fertilizer System is added in. NOTE it does nothing really Sad
6. New Taxidermy System added in.
7. New items to make with Waxcrafting..
8. Two deeds for pets 1st. add 50-100 to all three. Hits, Mana and Stam, Can only apply 5x to one pet. 2nd. 100 set skill to magery and magic resist..

Im not sure if I am forgetting anything or now Smile You can always do [PM Candy in game and Ill get to you asap Smile ENJOY!
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Update 2/6/20
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