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A Ultima Online Free dedicated server!!Experienced Staff.Alot of the new custom things and We are adding more everyday!Come Join In On The Fun!
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 New things added

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New things added  Empty
PostSubject: New things added    New things added  EmptySat Aug 24, 2019 1:42 pm

Monster Contract Dealer & Monster Contract, 12 Days of Christmas Quest will be out in December, Add On Paint Brush. you can add things to your houses deco, Beer Brewing,  Crypt Pieces, Deaths Reaper Quest, Deco Crafting, FireRock Crafting,  Gem Crafting = Socket's , Medical Crafting, Mini Tinkering Crafting, New Mounts, Pets n Eggs not evo's, Sewing, Skill Mounts, Wood Crafting, Captain Bloody Rum, Ethereal Mount DyeTub, Linked Bags, Logout Rune, MiracleGrow & MoneyTree..

Gardening Quest and Halloween Quest and a Weed plant (just for fun).

13 evo's added! You will have to do [ep on them not [kp. These are nothing like the other Evo's we have. The Mounts are only breedable and you will know if you have a female because a gump will pop up when you go to mount it asking you if you wanna breed or mount it Most are Male thoe and will not display the sex. Good Luck in getting a female mount Smile Ok there is a book in the Tamable's zoo please read it. P.S. I made them this way to be a bit tricky on getting a female Mount to Breed Razz ENJOY!
2 new mob's. Lady Tiger and a Evo dust spirit (Drops Dust for your new [ep evo's..

10/4/19 ARCHOLOGY for Halloween,

10/11/19 White Tiger City is now open. Safe, Bulk Supply's, Voting, Monthly Deco hunt, Weekly Deco Hunt and more!!!!

10/17/19 New Dungeon added under fun stuff on the gate, More Quest added in the quest house, SpellWeaving WandCrafting.

10/23/19 Pack Instink animals = FireDrake, SnowDrake, VoltSpider, BakeKitsune, CuSidhe, EmpGreaterDragon, Evilmare, GhostMare, HorseOfTheCavalry, Tiger (Normal not Evo) and WarBearMount.
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New things added
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