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 WT Donations

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Candy Apple
Candy Apple

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WT Donations Empty
PostSubject: WT Donations   WT Donations EmptyThu Mar 29, 2018 3:00 pm

White Metal Gear $20.00 usd.

WT Donation Scrolls are .10 cent each. 100 WT Donation Scrolls would =$10.00 usd.

Items we have..

Ok the Donation Special item will be changed once a month on the 1st. Donate no less than $15.00 usd the specil come free with the WT Donation Scrolls.

Evo armor set $10.00 usd. Fully evloved set is in the Black bag on top of the set.

Training Ely/Normal $10.00 usd.

Vorpal Bunny/Normal with loot is $15.00 usd.

Increase house plot deed plot only limit to max of 3 total is $20.00 usd.

Cellar Deed. Staff place and deco to your liking. $15.00 usd.

Deed for a staf built house. Display is on the gate under Staff Built Houses. Counts as your 3rd house limit. $30.00 usd.

Strength 6 long lasting arcane focus deed $5.00 usd.

Backpack upgrade 250 items & 1600 stones $15.00 usd.

Set merc combat ratings, lore and knowledge to 120 $10.00 usd.

Bag of wondrous strength Item capacity 30. $5.00 usd.

Public Gate Book $10.00 usd.

Tome of nature $10.00 usd.

Greater training Bunny/no loot. Get more Ability points $20.00 usd.

SerpentineWyrm Ridable Mount $10.00 usd.

Dragon Steed $15.00 usd.

Hell Nightmare $15.00 usd.

Greater Training Ely $15.00 usd.

A pet Satyr $15.00 usd.

A Mercenary  Contract $30.00 usd.

120 All Skill Ball $20.00 usd.

Tradesman suit 15.00 usd.

Crafter suit $15.00 usd.

Ring of craft's $15.00 usd.

Ethereal skill polar bear Crafting skill's +15 to Alchemy, Magery, Blacksmith, Fletching, Carpentry, Cooking, Meditation, Evalint, Imbuing, Inscribe, Tailoring and Tinkering $15.00 usd.

Ethereal skill ostard Tamer skill's +15 to Discordance, Provocation, Musicianship, Peacemaking, Animal Lore, Animal Taming, Meditation and EvalInt $15.00 usd.

Ethereal skill chimera Fighter skill's +15 to Fencing, Magery, Archery, Macing, Wrestling, Anatomy, Meditation, Healing and EvalInt $15.00 usd.

Emergency logout rune. When you Dbbl click this it will mark where you are standing. When you log back in that's where you will be. $5.00 usd.

White Tiger warlord suit $30.00 usd.

Domination suit $20.00 usd.

Follower's Max auto set to 12 $10.00 usd.

Old White Tiger suit $50.00 usd.

Weightless deed. This will make a item weightless $5.00 usd.

Bank storage increase deed +25 slots. $15.00 usd.

Backpack max item increase deed +25 to cap $10.00 usd.

Warriors barricade set $15.00 usd.

Oblivion set $10.00 usd.

Suicide set $15.00 usd.

AsclepiusBandage $15.00 usd.

Legendary white tiger suit $30.00 usd.

White Tiger's evil admin set $30.00 usd.

White tiger assassin's mage suit $30.00 usd.

White Tiger battle set $20.00 usd.

White Tiger's glorious admin clothing set $20.00 usd.

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WT Donations
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